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Alexis Ellis    
Fitness model Alexis Ellis was born in NY before moving to California in 2000. She has an amazing muscular physique with great looks and a natural talent in front of the camera. This muscle girl's site has a gallery of her stunning photographs and a interesting about section for all you athletic women fans.
Alissa Carpio    
Born in Altoona, PA, Alissa Carpio is a personal trainer and competition coach. A great example of female fitness, Alissa has curves in all the right places, looking much better than your average gym woman, whilst still maintaining an athletic and tight physique. Her site has info on Alissa and some great muscle pics. Show your support and pay it a visit.
Allison Ethier    
Canadian born Allison Ethier has been a member of the athletic women set since a young age. Starting out in gymnastics, she soon moved into fitness and has sculpted a beautiful muscular physique. This stunning fitness and figure woman has been featured in many muscle and fitness magazines and her site boasts some great pictures including pics from fitness competitions.
Anita Hess    
German born Anita Hess has competed in numerous events and won a number of titles. With a beautiful physique and great looks, this fitness woman really stands out. Her site has loads of info and lots of great pictures for you fans of muscle girls and athletic women.
Annie Clark    
Australian born Annie Clark has been involved with the fitness industry for over 15 years. With natural good looks and an athletic physique, this fitness woman has a fit and muscular body. Her site has some great pictures and an interesting bio section. Take a look.
Antonella Lizza    
Italian born Antonella Lizza lives in Rome. This muscle girl has a fit and athletic physique which she keeps in shape by teaching aerobics, fitness and dance. Her site has many great pictures and is worth a visit.
Barbie Guerra    
Barbie Guerra lost her arms at the age of 2 1/2. Many people would not recover from such a major set-back so early on in life. But not Barbie, with great determination she set out to compete in the world of fitness. Barbie has been competing since 2003 and has achieved great things as a fitness competitor. Her site tells her incredible story and has loads of interesting info and a members section too. Show your support and check it out!
Brenda Kelly    
Originally from Hawaii, Brenda Kelly now lives in LA. This athletic woman has always had a healthy lifestyle; starting in aerobics she was a trainer for some time before turning to fitness and figure. This muscle girl has an impressive physique and infectious smile. Her site has loads of bio info and an great gallery section.
Brenda Kirkpatrick    
Brenda Kirkpatrick is a former female bodybuilder and figure competitor. Blessed with a great physique and stunning looks, Brenda now runs a personal training company called Gym Bum where she helps competitors prep for fitness and figure events. The website tells you all about her new business and has some great pictures. Pay it a visit.



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